Luca Mariani – 同年的你我 – LIKE ME – COME ME

An other video I was really inspired by: 同年的你我, “Like me,” “Come me” by Luca Mariani (

同年 的 你 我 – LIKE ME – COME ME – was born as part of the project “Beyond Chinatown,” a project designed to promote the inclusion and participation of young people and Chinese families living in Milan created by a group of researchers, practitioners and artists working with the Municipality of Milan, with the Agency for Social Research Codes, with Associna and the Foundation Monserrate.

同年的你我 – LIKE ME – COME ME

Blebla – “Prato”

Blebla is an Italian rapper I really wanted to include in this project. In his song “Prato” he describes the town he was born in enhancing the good and the bad aspects of the modern society.

“In Prato, when you say “ciao,” it is possible that 35.000 people answer “Nǐ hǎo.”

Check at 1:33 to see his Chinese friend saying in Pratese dialect: “What are you talking about? I am from Prato more than you are…!”

I had the great chance to photograph both of them, Blebla and Alessandro!

Backstage photos from the work session of October 21st-26th

During the week of October 21st-26th, our Webster Media crew (Polina Bessonova, Thoraya Binzagr, Lucas Bullens and myself) went to Prato to keep on working on the research project Hidden Identity.

We met great people and had the incredible chance to shoot in the Buddhist Temple and in the park where people do Tai Chi, dance and meditate sharing a common space.

Photos by Polina Bessonova

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